Pizzaq Layout

Nino Hernandez
University of Phoenix
Pizza Store Layout

Mario’s Pizzeria has been open since 1950 in the town of Palm Springs California. Over the years the restaurant has become hugely popular and known for using the freshest ingredients and distinctive taste. As Mario’s only grandchild he has been given the responsibility of running the restaurant for two months and in end if Mario has enough confidence in his grandson’s work he will step down and retire. During the two months Mario’s grandson has found three areas he feels could improve, wait time, cycle time, and productivity
As it stands right now the average wait time for the restaurant is seven to nine minutes. This worries the grandson as customers might become impatient as the time reaches the nine minute mark. Customers also come in groups of two or four which also concerns the grandson as sometimes groups of two are seated at tables for four. There is however a higher ratio of parties of two that comes into the pizzeria. In order to maximize the utilization of the correct tables we have increased the two party tables by eight and the four party tables down to ten. This helped to increase the utilization of the four party tables to 96.76% as well as the two party tables to 85.05%, by doing this the wait time has changed from 6.05 minutes to 2.71minutes which would help increase profit for the pizzeria.
While managing the pizzeria there was an issue with the pizza ovens and two of the four had failed which increased the cycle time to fifteen minutes as well as the wait time. To solve the issue of getting the pizzas in and out and to the customers, it was decided to replace both the manual ovens with Plax ovens. With the manual ovens it could only produce four pizzas in eight minutes were as the Plax ovens produced eight pizzas in four minutes. One Plax oven could double the end product in the same amount of time as two manual ovens. By purchasing the one Plax oven the processing time...