How to Do the Layout of Compound Fertilizer Production Line?

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise of manufacturing compound fertilizer granulating machines, and our senior technicians will adjust the design and production plan according to your specific needs and take charge the installation and debugging. The related compound fertilizer machinery include mixer, granulating machine, cooling machine, screening plant, jaw crusher, automatic packing machine.

Compound Fertilizer Production Line

The Specific Layout of Compound Fertilizer Production Line:

1. storage facilities should be according to the condition of material properties and transport method, relative concentrated arrangement in the transportation and convenient location, and should be close to the device on theformation and production, logistics transport integration;

2. according to the properties of production equipment, combined with the natural conditions, the requirements for safe production, according to the functions of reasonable distinction, convenient for production management;

3. rational organization of transportation, to shorten the transport distance, convenient connection, avoid the flow of people, goods flow cross, to create a secure factory production environment and the workplace;

4. to meet the need of production, in accordance with the national laws, regulations on fire prevention, safety, hygiene and industrial project construction land use control targets and other requirements;

5. according to the development trend of construction and production conditions, as far as possible to handle the development relations, long-term, for the factory to have sustainable development.

6. The 4 auxiliary production and public works facilities, the condition is accord with the characteristics, as close as possible to the load centers or customers, to save energy;

7. in line with the premise of production process, operation requirements and the use of function, building to merge,economic rational and...