A Hierarchical Frameworkmodel of Mobile Security

A Hierarchical FrameworkModel of Mobile Security

Abstract—As wireless communications and mobile
multimedia services are booming nowadays, systematic research
of the overall aspects of mobile security is crucial. This paper
presents a framework model for guiding the systematic
investigation of mobile security. Based on the introduction of
some background viewpoints of security targets from a novel
perspective, the framework is described as a hierarchical model
in which mobile security research is partitioned into three
different layers, including Property Theory, Limited Targets,
and Classified Applications. Key research topics in each layer
are discussed respectively in detail. In the Property Theory
layer, some basic topics related to security are provided. Then,
security issues in networks, computing, and multimedia
processing are fused together in the Limited Targets layer upon
the limitation operator of mobile technology. Finally, the
Classified Applications layer proposes a brief categorization of
mobile applications, and the security topics in one
representative field, i.e. mobile E-commerce, are presented as an
The tremendous demands from social markets are pushing
the booming development of mobile communications faster
than ever before, and therefore plenty of new advanced
techniques emerge. Wider bandwidth, manifold networks,
and more powerful processing capability, together with
advances in computing technology have brought more and
more miscellaneous services to be delivered with more
excellent quality. Mobile service subscribers in some
advanced countries have already surpassed fixed
communications, and it was predicted that by 2003 the
mobile user base would exceed 1 billion, and 2 billion by
2005. Now is the time for deploying 3G mobile
communications while research of 4G is just in the ascendant
The phenomenal growth in mobile and wireless
communications entails the serious...