Rm2K3 Switching

RM2K3: Pokemon Switching System

Hi! Today I am going to teach you the fundamentals of making a Pokemon Party Switching System in RM2K3. I am going to use
a New Project file but you can just incorporate this into your project file.

For this since it is supposed to teach you the basics I am going to only use 3 Pokemon without stats.

Firstly, make 4 variables named:
Pokemon 1
Pokemon 2
Pokemon 3
Pokemon A

Your variable interface will look a bit like this, only with the variable numbers different.


Secondly, make a map called Switch Party and make it all filled with 1 tile. Now create an event somewhere on the map and make the graphic anything. Just like this:


Then edit it so it has 3 pages, tick the variable box and choose the variable to be Pokemon 1 for all of the pages. Finally, on event page one
choose equal to one and on the other 2 pages do subsequently equal to 2 and 3. You should then erase the graphics on event page one and two.
Your pages should look like this now:


Now copy the event and paste in two more places and for each different event change the variable ticked just check the picture and you will get it.


Just remember to change all the other event page’s variables to the right one too or the whole thing will mess up! Now you have probably been waiting for this… it’s the time to make the switching project! First you need to make a new event and add a key input and set it to numbers. Then follow my lead with this code. (Don’t forget to set it to auto start!)


Now layout your map like this:


Now playtest! Just press 2 or 3 to switch that pokemon or in my case, monster to switch it with the active pokemon/monster.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and implement it into your own project.

PLEASE NOTE: There are a couple of bugs lying around I think as I may have seen one…

Cheers and have a Happy New Year!