Physcal. Emotional. Intellectual Child Development

age physical Language/communication intellectual social emotional Spiritual
0 – 1 year *grasp an object that has touched the palm of their hand
*lifting and holding head up for few seconds
*interest in playing with fingers
*turn their head to look for a nipple or teat if their cheek is touched
suck and swallow
*startle in response to a sudden sound or bright light
stretch their arms suddenly and then bring them in if they feel they
are falling
*try to make stepping
movements if they are
held upright with their feet on a firm surface
*exploring toys and objects in the mouth and with fingers
*sitting with support
*crawling or rolling
*sitting up without any support
*standing up and holding unto furniture
*picking and handling small objects *Cries to communicate needs
*looking around and reacting to sounds
*coos when content
*pointing at objects
*tuneful babble sounds like talking *recognise their mother’s voice and smell
*excitement when it is time to be fed
*notices objects around them
*shows curiosity to see what is happening around them
*enjoys simple repeated games such as pat-a-cake *Begins to develop bond with parents, siblings, carers and familiar faces
*smiles back at a smiling face
*waving bye- bye *cry when they are hungry, in pain, need feeding, changing or just
1 – 3 years

  *move around, either by
crawling or shuffling
*walking up and down the stairs with the help of an adult
*eagerness for independence, to feed self with hand or spoon
*enjoys running and climbing and even encourage adults chase after them
*turns pages of books
*pedalling tricycle
*toilet training starts and gradually some children can express when they toilet
*enjoys sand and water play
*able to walk up stairs using alternate feet
*tell the difference between boys and girls
* build a bridge with bricks
*undo buttons and thread beads *less babbling and more recognizable words
*starts to cry when they want something and don’t...