Factors That Influence Child Development

Factors that influence Child Development

There are many factors that can influence child development. The two main types of influences are:

Personal factors
Which include health status and genetic influences and disability.

External factors

Poverty and deprivation

Family background & environment
Personal choices
Care status

In this assignment I will be explaining the influences of all the above factors on a child’s development, through the ages from 0-19 years of age. I will also try to give examples via my work placement.

Personal Factors

First of all health status: “is determined by their genetic influence as well as other factors, such as diet, environment and the health care they receive” (cache p67)
Child Development can be affected by a child’s health status such as a disability there are born with e.g. Downs syndrome which is a congenital disease.
Downs syndrome affects a child’s development holistically by delaying their developmental milestones, such as walking and talking later than children without the disability.
An example of this is within my work placement. In the setting there is a child with Downs syndrome and she needs one to one help with a specialised teaching assistant.

Another example of a child with a disability within my work placement setting is a girl who has a disability called Reynard’s Phenomenon.
Reynard’s Phenomenon is a disorder that affects the child’s hands. Unfortunately, the child is unable to sense when her hands are getting to cold. If this condition were not correctly managed the child would produce sores on her hands that would become very painful.
My work placement tackles this disability by making sure the child always wears gloves in and outside the classroom and regularly checks the temperature of the child’s hands.
If the child were not supported within the setting it would affect the child’s educational and social development, as she would be absent from school regularly....