Child Development Essay

Child Development Project

The purpose of this document is to look at 6 different areas of a child’s development from the age range 0 to 16 years. The six areas are classified as follows:

        • Physical
        • Intellectual
        • Communication and Language
        • Social
        • Emotional
        • Behavioral

Under each of these 6 areas the age range of children will be split into 4 sections:

        • 0 to 3 years
        • 4 to 7 years
        • 8 to 12 years
        • 13 to 16 years

Each age range will be examined under that area of development.

1. Physical Development

The first thing that springs to most parents’ minds when they hear the phrase “physical growth” used in the context of child development is height. Height or how tall a child grows to be, can easily be measured and compared and whilst this makes it something of an easy indicator of growth, it is by no means the only facet of physical growth in children. In addition to height, the development of gross motor skills, fine motor skills and coordination are all important indicators of physical growth. Without these developments children remain unable to explore and understand the outside world

1.1 From 0 to 3

  1. Newborn babies

In the first year of their lives, babies’ physical development is rapid. Newborn babies are born with a range of refluxes to help them survive. This includes:

Rooting reflex Moving mouth if face is touched to search for food
      Startle reflux If a sudden sound is heard their arms and legs suddenly move together as if catching something
      Grasp reflux When something is placed in the babies hand the babies fingers tighten around it automatically
      Crawling reflex When placed on the front the baby tucks their knees underneath

From 6 weeks the baby develops and becomes more alert. Their arm and leg movements are now jerky, they follow objects and faces at close range, and they are soothed by their...