The three types of bias that affect me the most would be my personal cultural bias, geographical bias, and my corporate bias. Reviewing these specific areas of my personal life have been somewhat the foundation of my expectations and outlook in life as I live it.

      Born and raised on Guam, a small island in the South Pacific, I was isolated to the vast amounts of different cultures in the United States. On Guam, the culture is derived from the Spanish mixed with the native people of the island. The native people are known as Chamoro’s in which I will refer to my culture as the Chamorro culture are known to be reserve towards the elders, respect above all, helpfulness, and giving. Religion is also a big part of my own culture being raised a Catholic.

      My belief in my culture is a representation of the people from my island. I believe that when people see me they generalize that everyone from Guam is just like me. From my parents to my grandparents, I was taught that hard work is the only way to get ahead in life, and laziness is unacceptable. A consequence of my bias is how I approach every individual who I work with. My expatiations are high, and any time I feel someone is moving to slow at work, or giving some remark I immediately feel as if they are attacking my beliefs. I am into formalities of process which I can say is results from the traditions of being raised Catholic with there strict process of mass.
After year two or three, picking up rank and experiences more types of individuals, I found that everyone has been raised differently. From the guy who has been raised a foster child to a one who had no father. Getting to know an individual on a more personal level and understand how he grew up helps me understand the different expectations they may or may not have.

      Geographical bias would be another bias that I have comparing to those have and don’t. Again refer to my personal life, which stated on Guam, there are many different...