The Way I Learn and My Personality


The Way I Learn and my Personality
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The Way I Learn and my Personality
When an individual is a student at any point in his or her life, understanding their strengths and weakness will be the key between success and failure.   The first aspect of individualizing a strategy for learning is to understand that everyone is different.   What may work for on student may not work for another.   In all my years of learning whether it be in school or on the job what I have found best is to learn from everyone but use what works for you.
As I read Keys to College Studying I was able to discover or better understand three different learning styles. The first, Logical-Mathematical, I learned that I can better approach learning situations if I go about then in a rational manner.   I am better if I feel organized throughout the process.   If I establish a step by step procedure, I will understand the message sent to me.   The second, Visual-Spatial, shows me that when I can put an image with what I learning, I can better understand and remember the topics at hand.   This can include a picture, a drawing, a movie, diagrams, etc…   Images can help me better process information.   It also will recall what I have help what I have learned better than other methods.   The last styles I will write about are Bodily-Kinesthetic.   Now I relate to this method maybe more than other because I believe the most of the true learning that is job related comes from actually doing your assigned tasks and not reading about them in books.   Now I am not saying that reading is any less important but rather true check on learning comes from doing your job, or in this case your assignments, and not base your knowledge from theory.   For example you can see in theory a mathematical problem but until you try it out for yourself and add different situation to it you will never truly understand.
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