Personal Statement

Personal statement
In the 21st century civil engineering plays a more vital role in Iraq than ever before,
especially after the liberation in 2003. The Iraqi reconstruction was unprecedented for its
scope and urgency, so, too, are its opportunities for corruption. With billions of dollars
flowing around a country that was rife with corruption under its previous regime, and
with civil projects being launched at a rate not seen since the end of World War II,
keeping tabs on spending has proven a challenge. In that time I was at the firs year in
building and construction engineering department studying to get my degree
waiting to be a part f hundreds of engineers working hard to make Iraq a better place to
live. Just after that the only time I was afraid was after my house got bombed because my
sister is a British citizen and when my best friend got killed because he was also a civil
engineer working in Baghdad airport, these events made me think of my future and I
thought I will never finish my study. Going to the college was very hard and dangerous.
After graduation my family and I moved to the north of Iraq (Erbil city) the safest place
in Iraq. The city was undertaking huge operations of reconstruction which enabled me to
get a job in a project consists 3 multi storey buildings as a site engineer, just then I felt
that I’m in the right way to help my country to be one in the forefront of the middle east
countries. Till now I sent almost three years working in many places in Iraq in many
positions from site engineers to site manager getting a good experience in dealing with all
kind of people in the site and a good leader ship skills, especially when I was working in
Annasriya city (southern Iraq) in a huge project. I had more than fifty employees working
under my supervision. Working in the south as site manager made me believe that the
knowledge of business management is an essential part of project management, Because
of that I...