Personalised Inductions

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Graeme Sneddon
Course code:EDINBIA12
Tutor: Rebecca Muller

“A personalised induction will always be more effective”. Discuss. Base your answer on theoretical concepts and techniques presented in class.

This essay will look at the process of induction and discuss whether a personalised induction will always be more effective than a non-personalised one. I will use theoretical concepts and techniques to support my argument to explain the advantages of a personalised induction. In doing so, I will also demonstrate a clear knowledge of both positions. The question asks if a personalised induction will always be more effective and I will show that this is my opinion.
Firstly we need to recognise that people are different and have different problems and various ways to cope with them. In turn, therapists offer different solutions and a wide range of techniques on how to address these problems. Therefore there will be many different opinions and suggested methods of therapy based on the therapists experience and skill versus the patients problems and the way they present themselves.
In order to understand the advantages of a personalised induction I will define induction itself to provide a better understanding of the role it plays in the hypnosis process. Induction is a specific procedure to help the patient enter the hypnotic state. Most subjects approach hypnosis with a degree of anxiety, apprehension and nervousness. As a therapist, we need to allay these fears as they will interfere with the whole experience and may even prevent the client from actually entering the hypnotic state. We also need to bear in mind that hypnosis is often the last resort, as very often every other form of treatment may have failed.
The patient is therefore placing a lot of faith in us as practitioners and will want to believe we can help them overcome whatever problems they may have. With this in mind the patient will...

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