Is a Personalised Screed More Effective?

In this essay I will be looking at the techniques and methods used in personalising a screed to suit working with individual clients. In doing this I will explore the reasoning behind personalising a screed, and in my conclusion consider whether this type of screed is the most affected.
I feel that the more personal a screed is the more effective it will be because although humans are similar in a lot of ways there are many differences such as cultural background, age, likes or dislikes and the different environments people are brought up in. During hypnosis we are working with the subconscious mind so, in order to achieve a successful outcome, we need to assist the client into the most beneficial state possible. When we communicate with others there are several techniques that can be used to alter the language we use to suit the needs of the client, body language, tone, and volume are far more important than the words used. Words only make up 7% of our communication, tone and volume 38%, and body language 55%, so it is very important to choose carefully the wording used in your hypnotic scripts when trying to bring about change in the client. When communicating with clients under hypnosis we don’t have the ability to use body language and it is not always appropriate to use altered tones of voice. In order to achieve a change as much information needs to be gathered from the client before hypnosis starts such as the personality, likes and dislikes, any misconceptions they have about hypnotherapy and whether they have undergone hypnosis in the past or if they have an experience of hypnosis. To do this “a relationship of warmth, trust, and mutual positive regard is essential” (Heap and Dryden 1991) between the client and therapist.
As a starting point we need to work with the clients’ brain to get the best out of them. Firstly if the brain is given a little description it will manage to create a mental picture of the information. The brain also picks up...