A Personalised Induction in Hypnotherapy Will Always Be More Effective - Discuss

“A personalised induction will always be more effective”.   Discuss.

Human beings are complex creatures and no two people are the same, we come from different cultural backgrounds, and the environment in which we were raised effects our outlooks and values, we form different relationships both at home and at work and have many varying interests, likes and dislikes. Therefore we should surely treat clients as the individuals they are and not merely view them as hypnotic subjects. By talking and listening to them we will gain a better understanding of how best to relax them, the way in which they process information and experiences, the style of behaviour that they are most likely to react to and gain that most important access into their subconscious mind.
When communicating with one another it would appear that we do so through the words we say, however the tone and volume in which we say theses words is much more important and the dominant feature in our conversations is in fact our body language. It is usually the case with the majority of clients that they will have their eyes closed during hypnosis so although at times the therapist   may be able to convey tone in their voice they rely mainly on the words being said to deliver messages and suggestions to their clients. In order to achieve the best results the therapist must surely therefore work closely with each individual getting to know their personalities, likes and dislikes in order to gain the clients trust and achieve a state of hypnosis whereby they can work together to reach the desired goal.
Our brains are capable of externalising the information and instructions it has internally which means that the way a person behaves and reacts in the outside world is a representation of their internal world. As a therapist gets to know their client better they learn what makes up their personality, how they view their real self and the person they are in real environments such as work.   Our external...