A Personalised Induction Will Suit the Individual

An induction will be written to suit different individual’s behaviour, appearance and needs. As we are all so different in these areas including our outlooks, values and perspectives, it would be narrow minded of us to expect one particular induction to work on everyone. We also all respond differently to suggestion, so logically for an induction to be successful it should be tailored to suit the individual. Even when the hypnotherapist has taken all these different aspects into account when writing the induction, it may still have to be altered because it isn’t having the desired effect and this could happen a number of times, altering the screed to have a better effect.
    So how do we find out what type of induction will suit the individual? Well one way to personalise a screed is by using modality. The modalities that we work with are Kinaesthetic (feeling), Visual (sight), Auditory (hearing), Olfactory (smell) and Gustatory (taste) but the latter two not being used that often. We all use the different modalities, but as we all have different preferences, likes and tastes we might tend to use specific modalities that we feel comfortable with and we can relate to more easily. It is important from the hypnotherapists point of view that they understand their subjects, so they can achieve the greatest success from the course.
    When we communicate we don’t   just verbally interact to get our message across, we use body language, tone, volume and visual aids. We are more involved with communications using or seeing with these other factors and more often than not understand better what is going on, from having them. As a lot of hypnotherapy sessions are carried out with the subjects’ eyes shut it is important to think about what we are saying and how we are saying it.
    Our brain will store any command and then start to create a picture to go with the information, so if it is given a ridiculous idea it will act it out. If someone suggests to you “upset” your...