Personal Responsbility

Being Held Responsible for ones own!

                      Being held responsible for ones own

Star Royce 6/12/12



Being held Accountable for ones own actions. How is one to know if he/she is really to take on responsibility for what actions and or accountability as there very own. It is hard to really take credit for such actions at any given time.

Being held responsible for ones own.

Defining what ones personal responsibility is to me or any one person.   Sitting at my office desk trying to figure out what does personal responsibility really mean to me.   I believe that responsibility is taking credit or accountability for ones own actions and doing.   Meaning in other words that if I or any one else did something that may have been wrong or even right that we should take the responsibility for the doing.   Say for instant you were involved in a accident. You were turning and the other car sped up and t boned you. Well in this case you both were kind of responsible. You turned knowing the car was coming and the other sped up. In a cops eye you as the turning car is 100 percent at fault. Taking this responsibility is not easy but you knowing took that chance as the drive. It is hard at times to own up and take this responsibility knowing that there are or can be good conciseness and or bad conciseness.   To be a honest person leads to a responsible person.

    Looking back at my past college years I never felt like anything I did was my responsibility. I thought I know everything to make me successful at being the college student that I wanted to be.   This was all a lie in discuses. It is easier for us to just point a finger and blame others for our responsibility turn and look the opposite way, I did this quite often in college. My grades were because my parents had me doing other things so I couldn’t study and or do homework. These’s really were my responsibility, I could’ve took the time...