Personal Goals

Personal Goals Paper
Taleatha Parker
June 12, 2010
Barbara Deets

Personal Goals Paper
Over the last several years I have been asking myself why I should go back to school.   I was thinking to make more money, which is always good and to become more marketable in the field of nursing.   Neither of these were the reason I decided to go back to school. I decided to go back to school for my own self satisfaction.   So I enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program at University of Phoenix.   I must now develop a map to obtain my goals.   If I do not develop a map, my goals may not be obtainable.   To do this I have set several personal and professional short and long-term goals. When I achieve my goals I will be able to knock on doors and my personal and professional goals will become a reality.  

The professional short-term goal that I want to achieve is to talk with my manager, and ask for the opportunity to work closely with her so that I can increase my knowledge in the role of the nurse manager.   If allowed, I want to work on the monthly budget, and assist with the staff evaluations in my department.   Budgeting and staff evaluations are two valuable assets required in the nurse manager’s role. The department has a total of 60 staff members. Evaluating the department’s budget on a monthly basis will enhance skills in maintain the budget. The staff evaluations will require completion by mid-July.   By doing these duties it will allow me to gain valuable experience and be able to evaluate the experiences that I have received.   These skills are valuable to the nurse manager’s roles and I should be able to complete these goals in approximately three to six months.

The professional long-term goal that I have set for myself is to become a nurse manager or a Nurse Practitioner.   The skills currently needed to obtain a position in nursing management in the hospital setting are to have a BSN, be able to manage a budget for the department,...