Biological Models of Personality Are Informed by Our Knowledge of the Brain and the Body. Describe and Critique Existing Biological Theories of Personality with Reference to Genetics, Hormones, Learning Theory and Environmental Factors.

Topic: Biological models of personality are informed by our knowledge of the brain and the body. Describe and critique existing biological theories of personality with reference to genetics, hormones, learning theory and environmental factors.

  The definition of personality is the characteristic and distinctive pattern of emotion, thought and behavior that structure an individual’s personal style of interacting with the social and physical environment. Traits must referred when we are talking personality. Eysenck’s personality factors show two personality factors grouped by R.Cattell(1957, 1966), his analysis induced 16 traits. Eysenck yielded evidence for two basic dimensions: introversion-extraversion and emotional insatability-stability, which he calls neuroticism. Introversion-extraversion refers to the degree to which a person’s basic orientation is turned inward toward the self or outward toward the external world. Neuroticism is a dimension of emotionality, with moody, anxious, temperamental, and maladjusted individuals at the neurotic or unstable end, and calm, well-adjusted individuals at the other. (Eysenck, 1953). There are many biological theories that referred to personality in different region, such as genetic, hormone, trait, learning and environment. Personality has more elemental and challenging meaning for psychologists. It refers to those inferred attributes and processes regardless the behavior visible or not. The fact that each person is individually unique.

The Trait Approach
  Trait is a measurement of personality to classify people according to the degree according to the degree to which they show a characteristic particularly. The Approach of trait is developed on two significant assumptions. First, the psychologists of trait assume that personality characteristics are relatively stable over time. If a person loved being around people but shy away from social settings the next, it would make sense to define someone is...