Personal Care Level 3 Health and Social Care

Personal care first 2 answers

1.1 Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons; personal, social, health, psychological or simply as a way of life. Keeping a good standard of hygiene helps to prevent the development and spread of infections, illnesses and bad odours:
Most people are very conscious of personal hygiene because:
  We're taught of the importance of hygiene from an early age
  We may have been "picked-on" at school for a one-off or a persistent hygiene problem. This may even have been an issue mistakenly related to hygiene by others - such as head lice
  It is considered a way of making ourselves more attractive to the opposite sex
  It is off-putting to our friends and colleagues if we smell unpleasant etc.
  We're aware of health problems that can develop as a result of poor personal hygiene
Body Image
Body image influences self-esteem, confidence and motivation. Those who already have low self-esteem and especially those with depression often neglect personal hygiene which perpetuates the problem of poor body image.
Many forms of modern media including magazines, fashion, TV, film and the internet present a certain body image as being "acceptable" or "expected". Young children and teenagers are especially influenced by this; physical appearance being the ultimate factor by which to judge and be judged.
To youngsters, teenagers and those who care for them, there are 3 things to remember:
  The first thing to accept is that you will probably never look like those perfect specimens in the media - but you can, and WILL look good to most people if you follow basic personal hygiene principles
  Secondly, your actions and the way you behave are more important to most people than the way you look
  Thirdly, good hygiene practices will help to keep you healthy, give you confidence and be pleasant for those around you
Social ReasonsMost people hate to be talked about, especially in a negative manner. By ensuring that...