Person Who Influenced My Life

My Father has made me who I am

The people that know me best, from my imperfections to my excellence, are my parents. They have the greatest influence in my life because they are the people I see the most and have known for the longest. They had to give up many indulgences in order to give their children the best life possible. My father has had a huge impact on my life and it is because of him that I am the person I am today. Most people say I am a lot like my dad, both physically and mentally. We both have the same temperament, facial expressions, and mind set. We love to hang out, drink a beer, and converse about our lives and families. We both have a fabulous personality, thus making friends easily. From observing my dad's joker like behavior and consistent work ethic has had a contentious impact on my life. My dad's ability to improve his personal life has inspired me to always try my hardest to do the best that I can. Thanks to him, I have more opportunities than he had at my age. I feel that if I do not take advantage of everything he has made possible for me, I will be settling for less. I believe that if my dad was able to achieve such a prosperous life with very little to start out with, I should be able to do the same. My dad's story makes me realize that I can accomplish anything I desire. My dream of being a successful independent woman is presently becoming a reality. I admire my dad so much and his influence on me has made me a very determined person. I never give up, even when I feel my mishaps can sometimes be overwhelming. The beliefs that my father has instilled in me since an early age are continually helping me in my lives difficulties today. I recently lost my dad. It is the hardest thing I have ever dealt with or thought I would have to. My dad’s strength still lives on inside me as I am a survivor of a parent who committed suicide. Our love for each other will continue on for eternity.