Beh/225 Final

Final Project: Interview Profile
Erica Trzepacz
  Hillary Locke

  Personality Interview

  I have conducted an interview with my boyfriend whom is twenty seven years old. He is a year and a half older than I am. He has given me permission to conduct the interview, as well as permission to use the information he has given me to use for my psychology course. I have interviewed him and will be using the same questions I have asked him and answer them myself. In this essay I will compare and contrast my boyfriend’s answers to the questions I have asked him to my own answers. So we are similar by being close in age and growing up in the same city. Although we do have our differences such as him being a male and I am a female. We have also gone through different situations which might make our view points, personality, or attitudes on various subjects differ.
  I have asked him numerous questions on his attitude, personality, his influences in life, and other various questions. First, I asked him if he would prefer studying in a quiet area or would he rather have distraction noises in the background, such as music or a T.V. going on in the background? He said that he would rather have a distraction going on in the background such as music or having a television on. He says this is because it would be just too quiet for him if nothing were going. Therefore, he would be able to better concentrate with some sort of distraction going on in the background. I then asked him why he thinks that he studies better in this type of environment. He stated that he feels more relaxed when he has some sort of noise going on in the background and it gives him the sense of not being pressured. He says that when it is silent he feels more of a pressure to have to concentrate verses with a distraction going on in the background. The noise in the background in a way makes it easier for him to complete his studies rather than in silence. Next, I...