Perks of Being a Wallflower Character Journal Entries

Character List:
1. Charlie -
Charlie is a 15 Year old introvert boy who is trying to cope with his Best-friend's suicide by writing letters to a complete stranger. He explains his fears, problems, secrets and joys to this stranger.
2. Sam -
Sam is a high school Senior who befriends Charlie at their school’s football game, and is one of the main influences on Charlie’s life.
3. Patrick -
Patrick, also known as Pat, also known as Nothing, is Sam’s stepbrother, and is also a senior. Patrick is openly gay, and is in a secret relationship with Brad, the high school’s football quarterback.
4. Bob -
Bob did not have a huge role in the novel. He was the one who was hosting Charlie’s first party. Bob is older than Sam and Patrick. He graduated high school a few years before they did.
5. Mary Elizabeth -
Mary Elizabeth is also another high school senior. She is very strong-willed, yet insecure. She became Charlie’s first girlfriend.
6. Brad -
Brad is the high school's senior star football quarter back. He is the typical high school football star with many friends and the authority to mock those 'beneath' him on the social standings.
7. Mr. Anderson -
Mr. Anderson is Charlie's favorite teacher, and one whom he can go to for anything. Mr. Anderson is very supportive and helpful towards Charlie throughout all his struggles.

Blog 1: Charlie
Dear friend,
    My life has always been pretty simple... I had one friend, Michael, we always had a great time, we were very similar. He was my Bestfriend and I could always open up to him. He was not very happy in his home, and one day he just could not take it anymore. He did not show up to school one day, and in the middle of the day, they made an announcement that he had commited suicide. The counselor immediately called me into her office to see how I was dealing with it, and it was the first time in a long time that I had cried. The previous time I cried it was when my aunt Helen died on my seventh birthday....