Pttls Development Journal: Entry 3

Development journal: Entry 3

The initial areas of weakness and threat, as recorded in the SWOT analysis, have shown how my initial analysis was more pessimistic than would, to date, appear to be the case.

With the particular group of learners that I am teaching, they are a less able group who have been finding it difficult to concentrate and be included during traditional school classroom type activities. Many, but not all, of the group, have been excluded and are deemed to be disruptive.

On observing this particular group being taught by my mentor, I noticed how they were kept interested and included throughout the lesson. Recapping the previous lesson, and reiterating previously taught health and safety matters, was kept fairly short, but comprehensive with regard to the matters that needed to be recapped.

Demonstrations of the practical task being covered in this session were kept short, and the learners were able to begin their own practical exercises as quickly as possible. The learners did not have time to become disinterested during the session, and sessions should become a student centred as quickly as possible.

When I began to teach these sessions, I followed the example shown by my mentor and tried to keep the lesson as well paced as I could in order to stop the learners from becoming disinterested. I do not believe that I was initially successful at this, and after a discussion with other teachers, we agreed that I tended to ‘waffle’ at the beginning of the session.

When I kept the session opening and demonstration as short as I could, while still covering the necessary areas, the learners were much keener to engage in the practical tasks of student led activities.

The main lesson I have learnt from these teaching sessions and observations of colleagues, is that in this particular area of teaching, and this group of learners especially, the faster you can move from teacher led activities to student led activities, the more...