Journal Entry

Journal Entry 1830,
My name is Morning Sun, I am a Cherokee Indian.   The time is very unsettling as the new government has said that we have to give our land and homes to them.
After migrating from Northern Europe, my people have lived in the area that one day will be Georgia, eastern Tennessee, and North Carolina the since the early 16th century (Cherokee, 2007).   At that time my people numbered 22,500 and controlled about 40,000 square miles in the Appalachian Mountains (Cherokee, 2007).   We lived peacefully until recently, when the white man discovered the rich gold on our land.   A minority of Cherokee agreed to give the United States all Cherokee land east of the Mississippi River in a treaty signed in 1835 for $5 million.   However, there was a majority of tribal members who took their case to the U.S. Supreme Court.   The court decided in the tribes favor that Georgia has no jurisdiction over the Cherokee and had no claim to their land (Cherokee, 2007).  
The Removal Act of 1830 displaced Indian Nations from the Southeast to Oklahoma (CREDOreference, 2004).   My people along with four other nations were forced to leave our homes.   The first to be moved were the Choctaws, in October 1831 about four thousand people started out on foot, by wagon, or horseback.   This took place during the winter over snow-covered trails, without adequate shelter and food.   During this removal entire families and in some cases whole communities perished of disease, exposure, and exhaustion. This was become known as The Trail of Tears.  
In 1832 the Creek Nation followed the Choctaws, but not as peacefully (CREDOreference, 2004).   Conservative factions of the tribe refused to leave their homeland and the result was the Creek War of 1836-1837.   The American army captured more than fourteen thousand five hundred Creek and marched them overland to Oklahoma (CREDOreference, 2004).   Two thousand five hundred Creek traveled in chains, but many died during the trip, and thirty-two...