Journal Entry of a Subordinate Group

Journal Entry of a Subordinate Group Member
My name is Tecumseh and this is my story about my life and the lives of my people. I was born in 1768 in Old Piqua, along the Mad River in Ohio. I am a member of the Shawnee Indian tribe. My father was killed in battle at the Battle of Point Pleasant in 1774. (An online Encyclopedia of Ohio History, 2011). My mother and other tribe members moved westward because of the fear of the white settlers. I stayed behind with my oldest brother Chiksika and my sister Tecumpease.   My brother Chiksika trained me to become a warrior. I got my first taste of battle against an army that was lead by George Rogers Clark in 1782. I was so scared that I ran off and I felt so humiliated that I swore that I would never run away from a fight again.
I quickly grew into a mighty warrior and I became a Shawnee leader. I fought against the army of Arthur St. Clair in 1791. After that victory I became one of the most trusted leaders of the Shawnee. Other younger members of the tribe admired me for my violent resistance against further white settlements of our land. But the white settlers kept coming and soon another battle emerged. My people and I were defeated by the army of Anthony Wayne in 1794, at the Battle of Fallen Timbers. Many of my people believed that if they were to give up their land was the only way to appease the whites. The Greeneville treaty was signed in 1795, which this treaty we had to give up all our land except for a small corner piece in the northwestern of Ohio. But not all of us agreed with the tribe’s action of relinquishing the land. I was afraid that eventually the whites and the Americans would soon exterminate us and colonize us to small reservations which in turn would only leave us with small portions of land and a huge part of us would be no more.
In the early 1800’s I started to gather other members of neighboring tribes together to rally against the whites taking over our lands and the more members we had, the...