Perfect Position Paper

    When concerning an individual who is placed in a position in which leadership is required developing effective leadership skills is critical to the success of a business. From previous assignments and course information what is learned is that even though an individual has a management position that does not mean he or she has an effective leadership style. For this particular assignment the requirement is to imagine receiving a leadership position and allowed to define the role that can benefit the company and is the most successful. A person regardless of what type of workplace that is at hand has to put him or herself in a position in which he or she can successfully lead other employees. The assessments for this week helped with identifying the strengths and weaknesses of my personal leadership style and how I can apply it in successful business setting.
    As being a leader it is important for a person to know his or strengths and weaknesses. An effective leader has to know how to stand effectively firm on company’s policy and procedures and still have employees willingly follow rules and regulations. An individual should not put him or herself into a situation in which he or she cannot effectively lead. The best thing to do is work for an organization compatible with a person’s leadership style. Just because a person is appointed a management position that does not mean that person has good leadership skills in that specific workplace environment. The main thing a person should know is that a manager is not the same as a leader. The main difference between these two words is that a management position is appointed to a person by higher authority in the company. A leader is how other people view an individual. The individuals want to follow that person because he or she wants to but are not required to follow the person as opposed to if the individual was a manager then it is the employee job duty to do that. To be a good leader an...