Determining Your Perfect Position Paper

Determining Your Perfect Position Paper
Organizational Leadership - LDR/531
Isaac K. Oduro
University of Phoenix

As a valued, veteran employee of Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc., I am presented with the unique opportunity of determining the position that best suits me. Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc. is undergoing an expansion and restructuring program. This paper therefore seeks to identify the strengths and weaknesses of my leadership style by applying what was learned about myself through self-assessments. The paper also compares and contrasts leadership theories in the textbooks to gain understanding of relevant theories to my leadership approach. A description of my leadership style is also made as well as jobs in Barrick Goldstrike that would fit with that style. It has been revealed through the assessment that I have excellent leadership skills that will be relevant in many sections of the mine. A project manager in the projects division will fit with my style of leadership.

Barrick Goldstrike Mine Inc. is a gold mining company in Nevada producing about one million ounces of gold annually. There exist several job positions in Barrick Goldstrike that require people with excellent leadership skills to fill in its expansion and restructuring program. Among these jobs are general manager, project manager, mining manager, technical services manager among others.
Leadership Style
The self-assessment on finding one's leadership style, tapped the degree to which one is task or people-oriented. Task-orientation is concerned with getting the job done, whereas people-orientation focuses on group interactions and the needs of individual members. For task-orientation, high is a score above 10 and a low is below 10. For people-orientation, high is a score above seven and a low is below seven. My score for concern for people was eight, whiles the score for concern for task was 17. This indicates high scores for both task and people-orientations,...