Determining Your Perfect Posiiton Paper

Determining Your Perfect Position Paper
Yvette Metzger
University of Phoenix
July 10, 2012
Rovella Phillips

Many organizations today are expanding and restructuring while adjusting to the common needs of the market. Businesses have an open opportunity to position themselves to take the market share. Depending on how well they define their company culture, the business will display positive results. . Everyone has a dream of a perfect position in their career. With each perfect position, a plan and goal has to be derived to ensure that perfect position matches your dream successfully. In business, role models can determine positions that best suit the business. These role models have worked dedicatedly to reach their way to top management and be able to lead a business through innovations successfully. These leaders have the ability to choose the leadership style that works best for their personality. As an employee seeking a top management position where I would be able to describe the leadership model that works best for me is a dream that one day might come true. Many strengths and weaknesses would apply to my leadership style. Each leadership style has a theory that has been researched in business to help companies better understand the leadership approaches.
The leadership style that best suites my personality is the Participative leadership style. This leadership style discusses the way leaders makes business related decisions shares the same equity of importance on what the decisions cover. Victor Vroom and Phillip Yetton’s leader-participation model relates leadership behavior and participation in decision making. Like path-goal theory, it says leader behavior must adjust to reflect the task structure. The model is normative—it provides a decision tree of seven contingencies and five leadership styles for determining the form and amount of participation in decision making (Robbins & Judge, 2011).
There are a variety of strengths in...