People Attend College or University for Many Different Reasons

College is a place where people go to increase their knowledge, to prepare for THE future, to get new experience, to meet new people. of couse, different people have different reasons to attend college or university, but all of them want TO change their life for better. But as fAR as my personal opinion is concernED I think that people attend college or university for three basic reasons and they are for better job opportunities, increase in knowledge and essential skills for their future.
First and foremost, People attend colleges for higher studies so that they can get A good job after completing their courses. Colleges offer courses or qualifications that are not offered in high school. Mostly people are attracted towards the money making careers and they like to choose the courses that can give them A good salary in the future. Some students TAKE part time jobs during their studies to GET work experience and money. This experience helps a lot in their future after completing their qualification. A successful life is guided by college or uniVersity diploma.
Secondly, college gives the opportunity to learn what we could not learn in high school. you can discover new interests and passions and this is beneficial in all points. Students share their ideas and information with each other and increase their basic knowledge. They learn to communicate with each other and this helps them in increasing their communication skills which is important in almost every job today.
Lastly, people want to prepare certain skills which MUST EXIST in developed society namely competItive experience, group work etc. These skills will be sufficient weapons for them to compete with others in their practical life. People who INTEND to apply what they have learned in college or university really choose the best way to success.
In short, there are many reasons that a student goes to college, and everyone has his own one. Whether they are attracted by the career prospects, money, new...