Some People Think That a University Professor Should Focus Time in Doing Research; While Other Think That the Main Role of a Professor Is to Educate Students in a University.

Some people think that a university professor should focus time in doing research; while other think that the main role of a professor is to educate students in a university.
Nowadays, when taking about the issue on whether university professors should focus time on doing research or educating students, someone claims that the latter should be the main role for a university professor. Nevertheless, as far as I am concerned, university professors should   spend more time on doing research because it could not only benefit students and universities, but also the whole society.

To begin with, if a university professor focuses more time on doing research, the students could gain more benefits. As the professors have many projects, there is no doubt that the students could also get many opportunities to take part in the research, which enables them to combine theories and practice, thus gaining many practical experiences.For example, when my brother studied in his university, his professor always took him to join in his own research and did the physical experiments together. As a result, my brother has obtained many experiences from him, which brought him many advantages in seeking for his job after graduation. While one of his friends whose professor was focusing on teaching could hardly gain any practical experiences. Thus, students could benefit a lot if their professors devote to doing research in the university.
What's more´╝îif the professors in university focus on doing research, they can bring more reputations to their universities. By doing the research, professors could have more opportunities to make breakthroughs and achievements, which makes the universities obtain more honors.For example, most of the professors in Peking University in China have their own projects and devote themselves to doing research. As a result, they have made many remarkable achievements through the research, thus winning more repetitions for their university. With so many...