Americans's Attitude

Nowadays, the more and more people attend college or university after graduating high school. There many different reasons lead them to apply to college or university such as for new experiences, career preparation, increasing knowledge and so on. In my opinion, people attend to college not only to prepare future job but also to get new experiences in the life.

Firstly, the main reason why people attend to college or university is to prepare for future job. From developing countries to developed countries, the requirements for employees are higher and higher. Thus, going to college or university seems be the best way to obtain a good job. College or university is the best place for student to get knowledge needed to future career. It provides not only theory but also practice in specialists such as: chemistry, history, medicines and so on. The people trained in college or university can accustom to future job better than people were not. Therefore, many people go to college or university because of career preparation.

Secondly, some people go to college or university in order to get new experiences and increase knowledge. In college or university, students from many continents, countries, cites with many different cultures join in events, activities, thus every one will have a chance to learn about manners and customs, cultures from many places. Moreover, participating in school activities, students also join organizations to get more experiences from other members. Hence, college seems be a perfect place to get new experiences.

In sum, there are many reasons for people to go to college or university but the major purposes are to prepare for future job and collect new experiences for their life. Nowhere to get these things is better than college and university. Thus, college or university is the suitable place for people to improve themselves.