Identify Different Reasons Why People Communicate

others. Communication can be used to bring out changes in attitudes, motivate people and establish and maintain relationships. Communication is vital for seeking and providing information. We can communicate to express our emotions like courage or fear, joy or sorrow, satisfaction or disappointment with appropriate gestures and words as well as expressing wants and needs.
                                                We communicate to persuade. It means that we want someone to do something and this desire of ours is communicated. The mother patting the child to stop crying, the advertiser displaying a model in a new t-shirt and the politician haranguing (urging) his audiences to vote for him are all having the same objective of persuading, while communicating it differently.

                                            Communication is crucial for developing positive relationships with children and their families, colleagues and other professionals. Communication allows ideas to be conveyed clearly and succinctly. It is a process by which two or more people exchange ideas, facts, feelings or impressions in ways that each gains a common understanding of the message.

                                            Communication with other staff members ensures effective team working and continuity of work. It also ensures any health and safety issues are recognized and reported. All carers attend hand over at the beginning of each shift and also complete communication books after attending an individual,thereby keeping other staff informed and aware of current situations within the work place.              
                                              Individuals communicate with carers to express their needs and preferences and to ensure they are met. As a carer I would discuss the options and choices available to the individual to allow them an informed choice regards their care.