Pdj of Specific Teaching Session

Specific teaching session
06. 05. 2010

PEL 2.2 Establish and maintain a positive learning environment

TPP 2.3 Use and justify a range of inclusive activities and resources, including new and emerging technologies, to promote and maintain an inclusive learning environment

PEL 2.2
During this session, I used a kinaesthetic starter at the beginning of the session to make the learners aware of how distraction affects learning. I also linked this to their future profession and the learners could relate to it and discuss how inattention could affect their performance at work and they also recognised the consequences it may have.

TPP 2.3
The chosen activities were interesting and fun and not too difficult. The ‘clothes line’ activity was kinaesthetic and one learner mentioned that she will never forget this part of the topic because of the fact that it was linked to real life.   The PowerPoint presentation strengthened the group work and represented use of technology as creative tool and variety in my teaching.
The other tactile activities were matching games which were done in pairs, tactile games with dice, playing cards to link with real life and a group activity with coloured balls.

The starter I used was fun and initiated a positive learning environment. This atmosphere was maintained throughout the session which was experienced as relaxed. This activity gave the learners the opportunity to express themselves freely and even giggle because of the fun it entailed. The laughing and fun reduced anxiety and promoted freedom to participate. Even though the pace was set with the starter, the feelings of the learners were explored throughout the session and I could recognise that Maths anxiety was not a major issue during this session.

The PowerPoint presentation just after the kinaesthetic activity centralised the teaching and created a group atmosphere. I used it to add variety to the teaching and as supporting...