Introduction to Teaching and Learning

Introduction to Teaching and learning (part 1) Level 4 Assignment


Introduction to Teaching and learning (part 1) Level 4 Assignment 1
  Roles, responsibilities and boundaries 2
  Key aspects of current legislation 4
  Codes of Practice 6
  The Role of Initial Assessment 7
  Points of Referral 10
  Equality, Inclusivity & Diversity 10
  The use of Assessment methods 11
  Embeding Functional Skills 12
  The Importance of Record Keeping 13
  Biblography 14

Task 1

Roles, responsibilities and boundaries

In my role as an assessor/trainer in a financial services environment, it is important for me to understand the roles contained within this occupation and also the business sector in which I am involved.

In terms of assessing and training, it is my role to provide information and guidance to the learners in my care.   I must make sure that all planning is accurate and tested which will ensure that teaching sessions run smoothly and have the desired outcomes.
It is also within my role to provide objectives which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART).   This helps gives my learners clear guidance on their current position, and gives clear goals for achievement within the syllabus area.

As my role is within a technical area of the insurance market, it is imperative that I keep up to date with current developments in industry specific legislation such as the Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulations and also any market developments/trends.   I maintain my knowledge in this area by maintaining my continuous professional development with our professional body which is the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) of which I am a qualified member.   By doing all of this, it ensures that I can demonstrate my competence and expertise to my learners which in turn will give them confidence in me as their tutor.

When developing training material for my learners, it is important that I take into account the...