Evaluation of a Teaching Session

Cert Ed unit2 task2

Evaluation of teaching session

This narrative will complement the recording that has been made of the teaching session I have delivered to my peers .in it I will aim to explain what I have delivered, why I delivered it, and how I formed it I will also detail the delivery of the session ,and using feedback from peers ,evaluate how the session went. The session I delivered entitled Complete and record a colour skin test, was delivered to a small group of my peers’ picked this subject, because the content and practical activity that is carried out, is easy to put across to small groups , and easy for learners different levels of learning abilitys.the forming of the exercise was also influenced by the theories of group learning and teaching. Watching my peers present their work has also helped me in my own preparation and content of my own work. One of the key moments for me , was   watching   one of the presentations, which was a crossword created from a software suite called hot potatoes’ thought it was great and looked easy to create and use use PowerPoint frequently, which is fine but hot potatoes has given me another tool to use. Observing my colleagues has broadened my use of IT and inspired me to use a wider range of tools. Observations of my peers and their presentations were videoed as was mine. This also gives your own evaluation of your presentation a very different outlook. Its good because you can see what adjustments need to be made, and what worked ,and what did not .body language, and tone of voice really stand out this exercise has also given me experience of teaching small groups, and how to adapt your lesson. Teaching strategies and methods have to be adapted, and the lesson needs to be broken down into digestible pieces teaching   small groups has also increased my knowledge of how to use effective management   and how to personalize learning. I have my own natural style of teaching, which is a reflection of my personality,...