Paul and the Human Condition

In his letter to the Romans one can get a grasp on Paul’s understanding of the human condition. Romans 1:18- 3:20 is where one can see Paul outlining his view of the human condition. The notion that Paul is putting forth is that God is not something, or someone that people can see. Yet all humans need to do is look around and they will know that God exists. Because of this humanity should obey, honor, and respect God, but they chose not to. They disobey him and therefore they have fallen away from him. Paul also says that God gives humans up to impure desires and behavior. Finally humanity is sinful and they are to be punished by God, for their actions. This will be the bases of this paper, looking further into what Paul says concerning the human condition, and looking at what others have said about Paul’s ideas.
The wrath of God is reveled in Romans 1:18. This wrath is for the ungodly people, who have chosen not to acknowledge that there is a God who created the universe. They have fallen away from God therefore he has shown them his wrath. God’s way of ‘setting things right’, which is his judgment and the manifestation of his wrath, is [a] present eschatological reality in the visible consequences of here-and- now evildoing.     Yet Paul goes on to say in verse 20 that “ever since the creation of the world [God’s] power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood…” In every part of his creation God shows his majestic power, and humanity should stand in awe of it all; humanity has no excuse to deny God in the world. “God has revealed himself in nature in such a way as to hold all people responsible.”
God’s son Jesus came to earth to die for the salvation of humanity. Even though this is the case humans do not recognize what it means for them; often they live in the darkness of sin. The fact is that when Adam and Eve ate from the tree in the garden they were no longer ignorant to the things of the world; they had obtained the knowledge...