Human Conditions

The people during this time were enjoying the prosperous life even the peasants were able to enjoy a good piece of meat. People thought that it was ok to have more children with the way the economy was going. Soon enough the prices were rising and peasant were left homeless. The number of homeless people were rising and increasing by the minute. There were more middle class people growing and increasing the power.
None of these has changed in today’s society. At one point the economy was good and we were able to have more children, spend money on things we do not need but want. All of a sudden stores, companies are all closing down. Families are in need to pay rent, feed their families. No one is hiring because they cannot afford to pay their employs. The economy affects people in their way of shopping, eat and live their daily lives. There are a lot of people who think it is just the middle class and lower class struggling to make ends meet. Big companies are asking for financial assistance from government.
Besides the economy, natural disasters are also what affect us and our society. As we hear in the news of the tragedy that recently happened in Haiti. The earthquakes that took place over there killed so many innocent people and destroyed their homes, school and hospitals etc. Almost everyone who lives over there lost their personal possessions. It is hard to start over with nothing to bring to the table. These people are fighting everyday to live and help their families live also. We cannot prevent a natural disaster from happening but we can evacuate if they know that it is going to happen.