The Choreography of Paul Taylor

The choreography of Paul Taylor

Since his first dance routine more than half a century ago, Paul Taylor has become one of the world’s most popular and respected choreographers. Companies throughout the globe perform his works.   Taylor has created more than 150 dance pieces.   His style is unique and he is often seen as a distinctly American artist.   (Kane, 1999)
…critics and audiences all over the world agree that Taylor is a giant among modern dance choreographers. He has developed what is very much his own style of dance that celebrates vigor, athleticism and strength-making Taylor, in a very special sense, an American choreographer. (Krahn, 2004)
This essay is tribute to Paul Taylor on his upcoming 80th birthday celebration by analysing influences, collaborations and development in his choreography through almost 60 years of his career.
When Taylor was only in his 20’s, he became the youngest member of the pantheon that created the genre that became known as American modern dance. (PTDC) “Now in his 80th year – an age when most artists’ best work is behind them – Mr. Taylor continues to win acclaim for the vibrancy, relevance and power of his recent dances.” (PTDC)
Taylor has been responsible for the choreography of more than 150 dances with his own company, which has a distinguished of 55 years history. The company has also performed in more than 520 cities, as well as performed in 62 other countries. His work is known not only for it’s originality but also for it’s “musicality and excitement” (Krahn, 2004), and has been licensed for performance by more than 75 companies worldwide. These works also form part of the repertoires of the “Royal Danish Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Joffrey Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, Houston Ballet, London Contemporary Dance Theatre, Ballet Rembert, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, and many regional American dance companies”.   (Krahn, 2004)
Paul Belville Taylor (junior) was born July 29, 1930, in...