The Human Condition

The Human Condition is a complex state
Discuss how this is reflected in TWO prescribed texts and two texts of your own choosing.
Our lives can be represented by a huge block of clay ready to be sculpted. The Human condition is symbolic of a carving knife that chips into our lives and denotes our unique experiences. What is left is a sculpture encompassing a boundless spectrum of ideas and conventions that characterizes our human existence. We see this complex state of the Human condition illustrated in various texts. Les Murray employs an aspect of grief and isolation in his poem ' The Widower in the Country , ' to allow his readers to witness the Human condition in an unsettling way. Similarly ' Boulevard of Broken Dreams ' composed by Green Day further underscores an aspect of solitude and hopelessness.   T.S.Eliot   demonstrates a ' drama of literary anguish ' via a stream of consciousness in his poem ' The love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock '. Andrew Marvell however presents a contrasting scenario in his poem ' To His Coy Mistress ' where fear is no factor .
In "The Widower in the Country" , change is conveyed through the simplistic but empty life of the Widower who has apparently lost something dear to him and subsequently has to endure a life of intense loneliness. This notion of change depicts how it is not always embraced and is reinforced   by Murray outlining the daily round of chores the Widower has to do in detail.   Moreover , Murray has given the Widower a stoic , empathetic persona so that readers are moved to sympathise with him as he struggles to move on .   The use of first person narration underscores the fact that he has been deprived of his companionship and is left in a state of solitude. The poet harnesses an Asyndeton technique throughout the poem to remind the audience of the mundane nature of the Widower's life.   For example the Widower says , " i'll get up soon , i'll go outside , I'll drive my axe , i'll stand out on the hill , i'll go to...