Passenger Movement Forecast at Delhi International Airport

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Forecasting of Aircraft Movements: Delhi Airport.
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The objective of the study is to develop an econometric model by which Delhi airport operator can forecast the number of aircraft movement in a particular month of the year, given a certain number of passenger and tones of freight. By knowing the number of aircraft movement an airport operator can take decision for potential requirements such as number and size of runway required, whether a new terminal building is required or not, number of taxiways, bays, gates, etc. it will also help operator in its strategic planning and organizational planning.
To develop the econometrics model data has been collected on the three variables such as;
  No. of Aircraft Movement Monthly
      No. of passenger Movement Monthly
      Tonnes of freight Movement monthly
    Data is collected from year April 2005 to May 2008
Multivariate regression line has been developed with the help of MINITAB and then Aircraft Movement for the period of Dec. 2009 to April 2010.
And study also try to check that how number of Aircraft Movements depend on the number of passenger movement and tonnes of freight movement.
Study also deals with the problem of Heteroscedasticity and multicollinearity
Finding and Analysis:
Data has been collected from the DGCA from the period of April 2005 to May 2008
It is clear from the above graphs that Aircraft Movement, passenger movement and Tonnes of freight have upward trend.
*Regression Analysis: Aircraft movement versus No. of Pax*, Freights in  
The regression equation is
Predictor Coef SE Coef T P
Constant -53 1067 -0.05 0.960
No. of Pax 0.0070424 0.0003381 20.83 0.000
Freights in Tonne 0.10771 0.03783 2.85 0.008
S = 509.840 R-Sq = 95.7% R-Sq (adj) = 95.4%
Analysis of Variance
Source DF SS MS F P
Regression 2 190397447 95198724...