Workplace Conflict


Team 6
Jaclyn Dahl
Stacy Hunt
Mary Ormond
Jason Sheehan
Jennifer Watson

Bus 202i Project 1
January 12, 2004
  Ethics are an integral part of our society.   Ethics are not only in our personal lives, but also in the business world. We were given the challenge to find the company we viewed as most ethical. In order to do this, we created a key criteria list of ethical practices the company should demonstrate.   Our list is comprised of the following criteria:

    ▪ Employee Relations
    ▪ Environment
    ▪ Diversity
    ▪ Customer Relations
    ▪ Community Relations
    ▪ Shareholder Power
    ▪ Law Abiding
    ▪ Partnership Relations

Through our research, we concluded that Southwest Airlines paralleled this list. Southwest not only meets our list, but exceeds our standards.

Employee Relations

      The relationship that a company holds with its employees is critical when determining its ethical standing. An ethical company is one that strives to create a comfortable environment for its employees. Employees should be treated fairly and respectfully. The company must offer and expect honesty with its employees. When financial difficulties arise within the company, they should strive towards continuing to offer competitive wages, and refrain from imposing labor and wage cuts. Empathy should be shown towards employees by assisting them in their times of need. An ethical company aspires towards building a well-rounded relationship with its employees.

      Southwest Airlines has earned recognition for their impeccable offerings to their employees. Scoring number one on 2002's “100 Best Corporate Citizens” list for service to employees was achieved through their diligence to put their employees' interests first.1     Employees of Southwest Airlines have been portrayed as comfortable in their place of work due to the encouragement to be themselves.2

      Southwest Airlines has been loyal to their word by valuing and respecting...