Paintball Essay

Topic: Special Time (most enjoyable time this summer)
Main Idea: Paintball
Three supporting paragraphs
          1. Paintball gear
          2. Paintball gun
          3. Paintball movement

Introductory paragraph:

Paint balling this summer was quite possibly one of the most fun things I have ever done. I learned that you need to have certain gear or you can get hurt.   There are many things to consider when you take up paintball as a hobby.
To begin with, you want to have the correct gear to play paintball. Wearing a paintball mask is a must! If you do not wear a paintball mask you cannot play, and most referees will kick you off the field.   For safety reasons, wearing a mask prevents losing an eye or getting seriously injured. Wearing the correct clothing such as gloves, shoes, pants and shirt that camouflages you makes a big difference on weather you get seen or no, which can cause you to win the match or lose.
In addition, it is a wise choice to have a good gun to use out on the field. I consider a good gun to be reliable, one that you can abuse, shoots accurately, and does not break balls in the barrel. Once a ball is broken in the barrel, your shot accuracy is greatly reduced. A gun with an electric trigger and electric hopper shoots a lot faster than a gun without. The electric hopper allows balls to pass into the chamber as fast as you can pull the trigger.
Furthermore, you want to move fast and swiftly, to avoid not get hit by paintballs. It is important to stay on your knees, crouch down behind cover, while crawling quickly on the ground to advance closer to your opponents. If you can sneak up on your opponents without them knowing your there, you can shoot them and get them out of the game. Then your team wins the match.
In conclusion, having the correct gear and gun setup is important. Also, being able to move fast to cover or slowly through brush to sneak up on your opponents is important as well. Paint balling this summer...