Ovarian Cancer Rsik

Ovarian Cancer Risk
Cancer is not one disease, but a group of disease that have all in common is the uncontrolled growth of cells.   The collection of abnormal cells is known as tumors but is not cancer unless it is diagnosed as malignant tumor. Then the possible of spread thru the female ovarian and other party of the body. Cancer is a major cause of death and disability in the U.S. and developed countries. The researcher still doesn’t know what cause of cancer still after many years and billions of dollars spent on research.
The risk factor is anything that can affect your chances of getting a particular disease. You can control some of them but not all of them. To control the risk factors is your behaviors that including your present behavior and future. Including the risk factor of diet and exercise. The stress in everyone life is also a factor in one’s life. The risk factors of the environmental exposures such as tobacco smoke but it has been shown that second hand smoke is also very high in exposures of cancer.
Lifestyle choices that you can make in your life to decrease your modifiable risk factors for this disease. Although we tend to hear a great deal about the genetic causes of cancer. It is less than 15% to the risk of cancer. But the behavior show up to 60%.   The lifestyle choices that we need to change are eating your veggies. The risks of ovarian cancer and several other cancers. They can go down significantly if you eat at two or more of a serving of vegetables a day.   Some vegetables are better than others.   Here are several ideas to add vegetables to your daily severing.   Add lettuce and tomato to your sandwich. Drink V-8 juice, eat a salad at lunch or dinner.   Try to cook vegetables on a grill or baked them in the oven.   Places the vegetables and fruits where you can see them more for a healthy snack.   Eat more fruits cause of your risk of several cancers; possible including ovarian cancer, this can be reduced if you eat at 3 or more serving...