Influential Person College Essay

  I squeezed Grandma Renda's hand as the nurse placed an IV drip into
her arm and explained that the chemo treatment will last three hours.
Hoping to cheer her up, I suggested a game of checkers.  My grandma smiled
at me as we both remembered back to second grade.  I broke my arm and
because of my injury had to spend recess and lunch in the school office.
Everyday my grandmother would meet me there and we would play checkers
together.  That was my first memory of true compassion. I felt pride in
myself as now the roles were reversed. I was there for my grandmother caring
for her, as she had always been there for me.  

    The summer after my sophomore year was definitely a life changer.  My
Grandma Renda was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. When my parents told me, I
was overwhelmed with fear and disbelief. Knowing how close we are, my dad
asked me how I would feel about spending some time with Grandma Renda to
help her while she continued to battle her disease.  Without hesitation, I
decided to spend a month in Michigan to be by my Grandma's side, as she has
always been there for me.

    Nothing prepared me for what I faced with when I arrived at my
grandma's house.  I expected her to be as elegantly dressed and perfectly
coiffed as always- instead what I saw was a shock.  Due to the chemo, she
had lost her beautiful hair, was nauseous, and could barely walk on her numb
feet.  I tried my best to appear unphased and upbeat.  I spent those weeks
doing her grocery shopping, driving her on errands, and spending quality
time with her.  I matured during that time more than I ever could have

    My grandma was an amazing woman. Everyone would always tell me that I
look like her.  Over the years, though, I have learned of her true inner
beauty- her caring and compassion towards others. As the rabbi's wife for 25
years, she endlessly volunteered at hospitals and nursing homes to help
those in need.  I often think of my grandmother...