Mary Kay, a Company with a Heart


Mary Kay, Endless Possibilities With No Glass Ceilings
Delfina Fallin
Columbia College

Mary Kay Ash was a visionary leader, a beautiful person, inside and out who started her business Mary Kay Inc. with the help of her son, Roger, and her life savings of $5,000 and 9 Independent Beauty Consultants.   With her strong faith in God, her determination to make it work, and never allowing herself to forget what her mother instilled in her (the confidence within herself to know that “You can do it”),   Mary Kay Inc. has grown to have a Sales Force with more than 1.7 million Independent Beauty Consultants. Mary Kay is also currently in 30 global markets.   Starting your own business in Mary Kay takes nothing more than a vision, a dream and $100 plus taxes and shipping.   Anyone can do it, as long as you believe.

On the 25 of June of 2007, I was officially medically retired from the United Sates Army.

I was driving back from visiting my parents in South Carolina when I was called by my God Sister, Lisa who asked me to be a model for her at this gathering that she was hosting that night.   When I got there I had a not so great attitude for the simple fact that it was 9:45 at night, I had just gotten out of bed to do this favor for her, I didn’t know what to expect as I walked into Burger King, I kind of had an idea, but when I got there it was nothing like what I expected at all.   I saw three little mirrors placed in what I found out later to be “face cases” and I was apparently the first one to show up so I had to wait.   At about 10:05 the last “model” showed up and we began what I got to know and love as “a Mary Kay facial”.   Well, let me tell you, that cleanser and those different creams she had me put on my face and hands felt so good and she gave me this card that had some makeup on it and she walked me through the application process.   When we were done I almost felt bad for having such a crabby attitude...