Outline Some Inequalities and Differences on a Street That You Know

Differences and inequalities cover a range of different aspects of life, with differences focusing on the contrasts between people, objects and entities, and inequalities focusing on how these differences can create unequal circumstances within society.   This essay will use Stafford Road to outline some differences and inequalities present on the street, while also comparing these to similar scenarios on City Road.

Outline some inequalities and differences on a street that you know
Inequalities and Differences on Stafford Road

Stafford Road serves as a main route into Wolverhampton from the M54, from between Marsh Lane and Oxley Moor road, this stretch of the Stafford Road is steadily busy during the day.   This road is populated by people of all ages, with the elderly doing their daily shopping at the market, high school kids going to the chip shop during their lunch break, and small children walking with their parents on their way home from school.   The traffic on this road is usually busy through the day, especially busy during rush hour, with people coming into Wolverhampton from the M54.   There are 4 bus stops in this section of the Stafford road, of which the elderly or young mums can be seen waiting for a bus further into town.   At night, the road is scarcely populated, with all the shops closed except takeaways and a couple of alcohol shops.   With few people buying alcohol or ordering takeaway, there can be few people seen waiting in the bus stops, usually people of a youthful age on the weekends waiting for a ride into town, which highlights the difference between night and day on the Stafford Road.

There is also an inequality that can be seen through the perception of people who live in the surrounding areas.   Differences can influence perceptions, which can become inequalities as Blakeley and Staples explain, ‘examples of difference do not necessarily produce inequalities unless groups of people feel excluded, or are actively...