Drawing on What You Have Learned About City Road, Outline Some of the Inequalities on a Street That You Know.

Drawing on what you have learned about City Road, outline some of the inequalities on a street that you know.

Albert Road is a popular street in Southsea offering by day; shops, schools and restaurants but by night becomes popular for the music venues, theatre, bars and take-away food suppliers. With a mixture of shops including cultural food stores, hair dressers, antique dealers, motor factors and 2nd hand stores, this mix of independent shops, has given Albert Road a bohemian reputation (ref http://www.welcometoportsmouth.co.uk/albert%20road%20shopping.html accessed 09/06/11). I am looking at four inequalities; cyclists and other road users, parking, the decline of local grocery stores and how the users of Albert Road differ night and day.

As on City Road the amount and types of traffic on Albert Road compete heavily. During the day many buses, taxis, cars and delivery vans go about their daily business using road space. Cyclists don’t get a fair use of the road, they cannot use footpaths and there is virtually no cycle paths along Albert Road. Cyclists also contend with parked vehicles limiting the amount of road space available, a very restricted area for two way traffic including large vehicles such as buses. The Police in Portsmouth have identified Albert Road as an area with a higher risk of cyclists having accidents and have looked to improve this situation (ref http://www.hampshire.police.uk/Internet/news/releases/Portsmouth+Police+educate+bike+users+about+staying+safe.htm accessed 09/06/11). This inequality doesn’t prevent cyclists using Albert Road but they are more cautious than other road users as they have the smallest vehicles with the least protection and the greatest risk of being hurt. This was not a direct inequality that was mentioned regarding City Road but for Albert Road it is a relevant issue.

Another inequality is the loss of traditional grocery shops such as butchers, bakers, newsagents and greengrocers that declined since the...