Ou Tma02

TMA 02

The street I am choosing to examine for my TMA is Blackpool Promenade. I will provide examples of differences and inequalities and compare them to those found on City Road.

The differences on the Promenade can relate to the variations that can be observed in the age and culture of the people that visit the street. Different age ranges and cultures visit the street at different times of the day and year, therefore these age ranges and cultures interact with the street in different ways. (Blakeley and Staples, 2014, p. 25)

An example of this would be the increase of elderly visitors the street has around Christmas time. The Promenade caters mainly for this age range at this time of year due to the high demand of desired Christmas deals and entertainment. A reason for this could be that the older generation enjoy Christmas away and may not have many other things to partake in at home. They enjoy the Hotels entertainment and service at an affordable cost. This also benefits the streets income at this out of seasonal time of year.

During the summer months the promenade caters for an observably different clientele, an influx of visitors from younger generations visit the promenade especially during the weekends and evenings, this is due to the streets notoriety for ‘stag’ and ‘hen’ parties and the saturation of bars, clubs and nightlife hotspots. This nightlife demand can also be seen on City Road where there has been an increase in the younger generation due to the new College situated near by.
Families and couples visit the promenade as its home to the famous Pleasure Beach and Blackpool Tower. The Promenade also offers various other attractions such as Madam Tussauds and the Illuminations. A lot of families visit this street throughout the school holidays for entertainment for their children. The street is affordable and has lots of activities to choose from. Something other streets in other towns may not offer.

Differences in culture can also...