Y180 Making Sense of the Arts Tma02

Y180 Making Sense of the Arts TMA02

Task 1

In the history block of this module, you learned about three explanations for Chartism’s support - a reaction to economic pressure, national political movement and an inclusive cultural community.
What evidence is there in the extract above of examples of each of these factors?

Which of the three, if any, appears to dominate in the extract?

(Extract from a Chartist Paper the Northern Star)

Part 1
In no more than 200 words, write a plan for this essay.

Paragraph 1 Introduction
- Extract from a Chartist Paper the Northern Star /going to discuss the 3 themes (cultural /Economic/Political).

Para 2 Cultural community
- quote extracts, 2nd paragraph, 'I am glad to meet the brave men' etc and para 3 'Honourable gentlemen ....the working class only'
-argument: there are elements of inclusiveness, but not dominant/ women present/speech directed to men.
-sources to support-Thompson (secondary) RB, p.39

Para 3 Economic pressure
- quote extracts, ‘... , the rich unnaturally elevated above the proper spheres of the mortal man...... weight of taxation, misrule and oppression.’
- Argument: problems for the poor, tax high, poor conditions in work place, riots-not dominant economic downturns.
-sources to support –Briggs (secondary) RB, p.36

Para 4 National political movement
-quote extracts, 5th paragraph, ‘..., crush the church by law established, obliterate the debt from the nation....’

Y180 Making Sense of the Arts TMA02

- argument: More dominant people political visions/ staging riots and national movements. -Sources to support-Morning Chronicle (Primary) RB, p.34

Para 5 Conclusion
-Cultural = open community but women were still not equal to men
-Economic = addressed main problems high tax, working conditions/no solution/economic state.
-Political = radicalism building up and giving population to get what they deserve.

Word Count: 198

Y180 Making Sense of the Arts TMA02

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