Orthopaedics Presentation Reflection

A reflective essay on a poster presentation for Introduction to Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Throughout education at school and during university I have had experience in presenting and standing up in front of people and talking about a subject. This essay will reflect upon these times and identify strengths and my weakness during and leading up to a presentation specifically a presentation during the orthopaedics module of this academic year, which I can then improve helping any future presentation or talks that I do. I feel that it is important to look back and evaluate my performance and find key areas that I can improve upon so that in the future my presenting skills and how I come across in similar situations will be memorable for the right reasons.
When reflecting and evaluating your own performance after an event there are several methods, all can help but some may be more beneficial in different circumstances. Reflective models however are not meant to be a set of rigid questions followed and answered but merely to help give direction and encourage you to record how you feel about how an event went.  
The model I have chosen to use to help reflect on the presentation and my skills is Driscolls What? Model. The reasoning behind this I that it is simple and has a three question format – What? , so What? , Now what? With added trigger questions in each section to help give deeper meaning and more detailed answers along with a greater reflection of the situation.  
Once set with our final case study to work on for the poster presentation, which was a Paralympic swimmer with a rotator cuff injury, we as a group of four were able to start planning and gathering information about our topic. We had to gather information on different sections to present in a final poster presentation lasting 20 minutes. After getting the assignment as a group the different sections needed were discussed briefly and the whole presentation was talked about. For the poster we...