Bridging Assignment

Word count excluding quotes: 1552
Cert-Ed (Level 4)/7302 Bridging Assignment
Assignment Brief
Discuss at least two issues of equality and diversity, and ways to promote inclusion.
Analyse at least two different ways to establish ground rules with learners which underpin appropriate behaviour and respect for others.
Evaluate the use of initial assessment, formative assessment and summative assessment for at least one learner/group in your specialist area.

Equality is about ‘creating a fairer society, where everyone can participate and has the opportunity to fulfill their potential’.It is about identifying patterns of experience based on group identity, and the challenging processes that limit individual’s ‘potential’ health and life chances. (DH, 2004). (23/09/2010).
Over the past few decades, legislation has played an important role in reducing discrimination to make the United Kingdom a more equal place to live. The Equality Act 2010 aims to provide a legislative framework to protect the rights of individuals and advance equality for all. Everyone is entitled to equal opportunities, this not only covers fair treatment regardless of age, sex, colour, race, needs etc, but also course literature, materials and the way in which we deliver the lesson. Equal learning opportunities for a diverse cultural nation include learning resources, designed to accommodate every learner and made adaptable to meet every individual learners needs. These should include images and text based a variety of ethnical backgrounds. Many teachers believe that we should attempt to acknowledge in our teaching the contributions made by every culture. Arabs developed our number system, the Chinese invented the suspension bridge, and Africans developed writing and the first cities; but you would hardly know this from the ethnocentric curriculum taught in most schools and colleges. Petty G (2004) p 84
The use of images promoting friendships between different...